A unity of construction and sound in a faithful interpretation of the work
Bonner Rundschau

Intelligent, serious, virtuoso
Oberösterreichische Nachrichten

Viennese authenticity
Rheinzeitung Koblenz

A teacher of artistic format
Oberösterreichisches Tagblatt

A lyrical dialogue between the piano and the violin
Südkurier Konstanz

Personal dedication and temperament
Neues Volksblatt, Linz

The virtuoso at the service of a harmonious interplay
Österreichische Musikzeitung, Vienna

2 renowned pianists – the pinnacle of symbiosis
Le Progres Egyptien, Cairo

A disposition to a romantic sound
Neue Kronen-Zeitung

An authentic Schubert sonata
Il Piccolo, Triest

Impeccable technique and a high degree of sensitivity
(CD review, Schubert: Wanderer Fantasy etc.)
Oberösterreichische Nachrichten, Franz Zamazal

A sure feeling for emotional content
(CD review “Lyrische Raritäten”)
Fono Forum, Munich, Peter Cossé

Bach’s Kunst der Fuge as the apotheosis of musical logic
a deep insight into the mystery of the structure

Neue Kronen Zeitung, Balduin Sulzer

Enormous emotional dedication and convincing creativity
Passauer Neue Presse